How to Attract Top Talent to Your Marketing Department


What do you like about your company?

Is it the reputation that they hold within their industry? Or perhaps their family first mentality? Or is it the room for advancement?

Chances are that what you like about it will be what attracts others. That is what should be marketed when presenting a new role to possible candidates.

“What attracted you to your company is what will attract others”

The Why

Think back to when you applied and were interviewed.

Why did you want to work there?

Write the reasons down. Again, these will be key marketing factors when presenting new opportunities to job seekers. Then start by pointing out some of the reasons you wanted to work there. Now back them up with what you have discovered. For example:

The Reason: You wanted to work at company A because it seemed like a great opportunity to advance within a marketing career.

Your Findings: You found that most marketing assistants have an excellent opportunity to advance to higher level marketing positions within the company.

This is not only attractive to job seekers but will also attract the right candidates, those whose attitude aligns with the company’s missions, visions, and values.

According to Millennials are looking for 3 things:
Growth opportunities
Retirement benefits
Work culture

And 46% of Millennials left their last job due to a lack of growth opportunities.

Knowing what your ideal candidate wants and touching on these points while marketing the position can increase your number of qualified candidates.

The Expectations

Another great way to attract top talent is to be clear on the expectations of the role.

What would someone successful accomplish in the next quarter or year? What are the key qualifications needed and which ones are desired?

Clearly outlining the type of candidate that is being sought will help you, ensuring that the right candidates apply for the role. Be clear when outlining the years of experience desired and what qualifications are required for the role. For example:

“Must have at least 7 years of experience in web graphic sales and have advanced knowledge of corporate sales and online/social media marketing techniques”


“Sales experience and a marketing background”.

A hundred people might apply to the second description and only two could be qualified where if you post the first description, a much higher percentage of candidates will actually be worth your time.

Be Aware

Be mindful and aware of company reviews on sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

This will help you answer any bad press associated with your company. Taking the time to thank others for positive reviews also will reflect positively on your company. You should also know, is your hiring process hurting your business?

Like purchasing a product, job seekers often research reviews written by previous employees. You need to create a positive culture, especially online, if you want the best talent. Most candidates are drawn to a company because its people are excited to be working there are talking about it.

Know what is being said about your company – the good and the bad – many job seekers do their research before applying

Top talent is selective even during times of high unemployment rates. To attract them, you should have the right company vibe, positive culture, and raving (in a good way!) employees. Company culture is now a very trendy topic in today’s workplace because many of us spend the majority of our time at work. And who would want to spend time in a place that is not a positive place to work? Everyone wants be a part of a positive community, they want to be a part of a bigger family. Make your company that family.

What do you do to market your company’s opportunities? Please comment below.