Why Partnering with Talent Acquisition Advisors is Key in Hiring the Best Employees

First, you should know there is a difference between a Recruiter and a Talent Acquisition (TA) Advisor.


When you have a Recruiter help with your job search, they will more than likely start searching for candidates with what they have – a job description, and a quick search of their database…basically trying to make a ‘match’. The result typically leads to them submitting candidates who are either unqualified or not excited about the opportunity. This, of course, leads to wasted time and money for both you, and the Hiring Manager as well as the candidate. This can hurt your company’s brand.


A Talent Acquisition Advisor (TA) typically insists on knowing more, including more…

  • About the role
  • Your company
  • Must have qualifications
  • Full compensation details (even if they are not shared with the candidates)
  • Career paths for the position
  • Team structure
  • Company culture


Why is that?


Because the Talent Acquisition Advisor works towards having a clear understanding of your needs -what your company is truly seeking and needing beyond the job description.


They perform almost half of the hiring process for you!


That’s way more than just sourcing candidates and resumes to send your way. Close to the best talent and always recruiting, TA’s are always looking out for talent and are ready to fill roles even before they hit their desk.


Did you know that an average of 45% of people change jobs due to compensation?


According to The Balance Careers, people also change due to losing interest at work, work-life balance, lack of recognition, and lack of alignment between personal values and an organization’s priorities.


TA’s understand and know why it is that people move from job to job. They also recognize that there are more important factors you can, and should, highlight to attract top talent to your company.


Top Talent Acquisition Strategies include:

  • Better skills & interest fit
  • More growth opportunities
  • More challenging work
  • The ability to impact
  • A better-aligned company culture


Determining what will motivate candidates beyond compensation is the key to decreasing time wasted on candidates that are just not the right fit for you. This results in presenting you with potential hires and not just candidates saving you time and money in the long run.

Using a Recruiting Agency Can Save Your Company Time, Moneyand Headaches


Another great thing about partnering with a Talent Acquisition Advisor is that they are not afraid to push back on a hiring manager’s unrealistic expectations.


Wait, push back? Sounds Counterintuitive.


You may have worked with (or perhaps been) a hiring manager with expectations of a candidate that will not only meet every single qualification desired but exceed them, all while being willing to take $10k below industry standard in compensation. This is just not realistic.


This is another way how a Recruiter and a Talent Acquisition Advisor are different.  

A TA welcomes the conversation and uses the opportunity to leverage data-driven insights to reset a hiring manager’s expectations coming to the table supported by data that will demonstrate exactly why expectations may not be realistic.


By being able to have honest conversations and setting realistic expectations,  Recruiting/Talent Advisors not only help with the cost of hiring but also the speed of hiring while maintaining the quality of the candidates. They work towards setting goals and maintaining partnerships with hiring managers once expectations are set, working on establishing processes to ensure an effective and prompt hiring process.


Setting and agreeing on goals before beginning a search makes communication simpler. Talent Acquisition Advisors understand the important key performance indicators, such as the time between a candidate’s submission and their first interview, that should be used as steps in the process. If you’re ahead or behind schedule, for whatever reason, this enables a TA to measure results and adjust their strategy where needed. Their goal is to refine the recruiting process to improve speed, quality, and candidate experience.


Talent Acquisition Advisors are not a luxury – they are a necessity if you are looking to acquire the best talent for your company. They know recruiting is marketing and can turn a lead(applicant) into a sale(hire).


Who do you usually partner with to grow and scale your business? Comment below, we would love to know.

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