Top 5 ‘Must-Dos’ for Your First Day on the Job


So you’ve landed your dream job, congrats! It’s an exciting time, which can go from figuring out what to wear to learning the ropes of a new company and a new role all while trying to make a great first impression on your new boss and co-workers. This can also be pretty terrifying, after all, you only get one chance to make that first impression. Want to ensure you rock that first day?

Typically the first day goes by either pretty slow with tons of paperwork and information coming your way or pretty fast depending on your onboarding and training. So here are a few dos that will help you rock your first day:

Here’s What to Do:

  1. Do have an open mind: Be ready to learn, even if your new job is in an industry you are familiar in there is always something to learn. Also be open to adapting if things change and if the day does not go according to plan. Things happen so a great mindset is imperative. One to have is ‘expect the unexpected’ and be mentally ready for it and don’t have an attitude about it. Go with it, you may learn a lot more when things don’t go as planned than when they do.
  2. Do learn your company’s protocols: Review materials, take notes and ask questions.  Make sure you are clear on what is acceptable and what is not and seek clarification when needed.   
  3. Do get organized: Prepare to take notes, have a place to carry important documents shared with you to take home and review, have an agenda where to write important dates such as when documents are needed to be completed/returned, have a plan for break and or lunch, a route to and from work, etc. This will make your day go by smoother and with less stress.
  4. Do get away from your desk: You may get the cursory tour from your manager or HR representative or, if you’re lucky, from a colleague who you can ask honest questions of but what if it’s the busy receptionist or co-worker who was asked to help out? During a break or lunch, get to know your office, be friendly to the new faces and get to know where things are located. Share your interest in the company and or office.
  5. Do give others the opportunity to present or teach: No one likes or appreciates being cut off. If you are familiar with what is being presented mentioned it afterward unless the person presenting specifically asks if you are familiar with something. You want to be mindful and respectful of people’s time with preparation as well as their level of knowledge. #becoachable

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