Recruitment is Marketing: Are You Ready for That?

Recruiting has changed in big ways.

John Syed, for LinkedIn, describes the role of recruiters a decade ago; “Recruiters received a daily cascade of candidates who covered the full spectrum of capabilities. You could post a job for CEO and get entry level resumes sent to you. Of the hundreds of thousands of applicants per job posting, recruiters had to manually sift through paper resumes, color coding them along the way and marking them fail, hold or progress.”

Sourcing candidates was done manually, making it a time-consuming, tedious process.

Today, businesses can post a job opening online, and technology has made it feasible to automatically filter through thousands of resumes from candidates all over the world.

But rather than rendering recruiting obsolete, new technology has opened up new space for professional recruiters; namely, marketing.

Karyn Mullins with Fox Business explains,“The biggest change in recruiting over the last 10 years? Employers don’t have complete power over the job search. A decade ago, it was applicants who had to show off their talents, but the tables have turned. Employers must now focus on drawing in top talent by competing the way candidates are used to.”

Recruitment today is marketing. It’s selling an opening in a company to potential candidates through company branding, advertising, interviewing, and closing. Thinking like a marketer can help recruiters do their job well.

Tanya Williams, writing for RecruitLoop, explains, “Your job as a recruiter is to turn an applicant into a hire, just like converting a marketing lead into a sale.”

Companies are now competing with other companies across the nation and around the world. What makes your company special? Why should candidates take this position over a comparable position with another company? Recruiters today need to be able to answer those questions. They need to be marketing professionals, helping businesses develop and broadcast their image, and working to sell that image to qualified candidates.

Since technology has made applications global, recruiters have to be able to conduct their marketing virtually. The same skills that made recruiters great ten and twenty years ago – networking, communication, organization – are still crucial to success today, but recruiters must be willing to adapt.  Social media, online job sites, and mobile applications are impossible to ignore, and should be both understood and put to good use.

Candidates today are often sold on a job when they are attracted to the company’s culture. Marketing open positions requires, then, the ability to effectively display company culture, usually through social media platforms and company websites. Candidates want a taste of what it would be like to work for a particular business – what the work environment is like, what is most valued, and whether or not they will be able to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance. That’s the product a recruiter is selling.

Skilled, experienced recruiters have adapted to the changing times. They bring the strengths that have long made hiring professionals valuable to businesses – excellent networking abilities and communication skills – and with these the added understanding of how to best handle today’s technology-inundated job market.
Great recruiters understand that recruitment is marketing, and they will work hard to sell positions within your company to today’s top talent.

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