In a Virtual World, You Need Virtual Recruiters

Marketing expectations have changed dramatically in recent years. Phone books and their yellow pages are obsolete, while Facebook pages are essential.

A 2014 study by G/O Digital found that 80% of consumers polled said that they would be more likely to purchase a product if they saw positive user reviews on the company’s Facebook page. Most respondents also told G/O that they check a company’s social media site multiple times a week (30% even 2-3 times a day) before ever walking into a local business.

Online presence isn’t only about product review and purchasing information; it’s how candidates are expecting to begin interactions with potential employers.

Glassdoor’s 2014 study reported that the majority of job seekers use social media at least once a month to learn more about potential employers. 76% want details on what makes the company an attractive place to work. Millions of applications are submitted online each year.

So while candidate recruitment may have been primarily a game of in-person communication years ago, technological savviness is definitely a requirement for success today.

How do professional recruiters make the most of hiring practices in the virtual world? What makes a tech-knowledgeable recruiter particularly valuable to today’s businesses?

  1. We can make the most of global applicant pools.

When one share of a link can send a job-opening advertisement from one side of the world to the other, screening large and diverse pools of applicants is a necessary skill for a modern recruiter. Whether your business is looking for insight into the best use of screening software, wanting assistance further narrowing down candidate lists from those who have already been through basic online screening, or wanting an expert to deal with the hiring from start to finish, a virtually-clever recruiter can help.

  1. We can show you how to make your hiring process more efficient.

Just because you can conduct business virtually doesn’t always mean you should, though there are portions of the hiring process that are clearly improved by the latest-and-greatest tech inventions. Recruiters familiar with hiring in the virtual world are able to help businesses decide where to focus their time and money, understanding which tech improvements carry the biggest bang for your buck and which are less-efficient, distracting, or merely peripheral.  

  1. We can help you ensure quality, personal hires, even long-distance.

Because a recruiter working virtually conducts such a large percentage of his or her business remotely, he or she is an expert at quality communication even when in-person meetings are not a possibility. A business can and should still value personal communication, rather than hiding behind programs and systems; but it isn’t always easy to tell where the hiring and onboarding process has become too detached.

Recruiters involved in a company’s hiring process know how to push past the difficulties of distance, establishing and maintaining relationships with candidates and selling those candidates on a business when the time comes to make an offer. Recruiters consulting for businesses can help their internal hiring teams understand how to pair quality tech infrastructure and time-tested business practices to make the most of every hiring opportunity.

  1. We can help you improve your company branding to make the most of online advertising.

Is your social media presence helping or hurting your business? How is your company perceived by potential applicants? How is your hiring process promoting or hindering your company’s reputation?  A tech-savvy recruiter can help you answer these questions.

Stepping back and looking at a company’s place within its industry is a good place to begin. How are social media platforms being used most effectively by similar businesses? How do a company’s current advertisements compare to those of competitors, and how is this influencing their branding as a whole? How is a business’s branding being promoted passively, such as through its dealings with candidates who are not offered a job?

Seasoned recruiters can help businesses set realistic goals for growth that coincide with a larger business plan.

Looking to a “virtual recruiter” doesn’t mean handing hiring over to the computer, it means seeking out a recruiter who is able to make the most of every resource – tech-related and not – to ensure that your company is thriving in today’s virtual world.


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