What a Recruiter REALLY Does

“Recruitment” can sound a bit ambiguous. With the increased availability of technology able to aid in the hiring process, it may be unclear to some what a professional recruiter can bring to the table. What role do recruitment agencies and consultants play in today’s job market?


It is our business to keep up with the industries we serve. This requires a working knowledge of technological advances in the field, changes in standards for compensation, benefits, and job expectations, most effective marketing techniques, and the status of potential candidates – active and passive.

We research on our own behalf, building up knowledge of the field and fostering relationships with candidates and companies. We also research on behalf of businesses looking to better understand the changes in their industry or expand in a new direction.

Company Branding

A professional recruiter’s knowledge of an industry as a whole makes him or her a valuable asset to businesses wanting to embark on big-picture reevaluations. Recruiters can inform you on current marketing strategies across your industry, give insight into potentially misunderstood or outdated branding, and offer assistance in formulating a new company-wide identity that will influence everything from marketing style to job descriptions.

Sourcing and Screening

This is what recruiters are often known for, though it is only a portion of the work we do. We know people, and we know how to know people. We’re not doing basic LinkedIn searches here; we are professionals at keeping track of quality, high-end, and often-passive candidates.

Experienced recruiters can screen for more than just GPA or years of experience; they can filter applicants by cultural fit, ability to communicate, and ability to follow directions, among other things. Cultural fit is especially useful with mid or upper-level hires, as compatibility with a company’s core values is key to a long-term, successful employee-employer relationship.

Candidate Engagement and Sales and Negotiations

Technology has nothing that can compete with an experienced recruiter in this area. People are a recruiter’s speciality; we are professionals at communication and networking. Maybe it’s easy for a business to locate talent, but harder for them to close on quality candidates.

Seasoned recruiters build rapport with candidates, and their trustworthiness allows them to know when a candidate is a genuinely great fit for a position, how serious a candidate is about a position, when a candidate is ready to make a move, and what factors will determine if a candidate will accept a job offer.

Recruiters work for businesses; they seek to fully understand the position a business needs filled and then do the complex sales and negotiating work to make sure their clients acquire high-caliber candidates. They are professional closers.  
Recruiting agencies and consultants are there to help when a business gets stuck – when their current marketing isn’t working, when they aren’t able to close on top candidates, when they are struggling to understand changes within their industry, when the business plan that has been successful for years is suddenly less effective. Recruiters are expert problem solvers.

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