Why Experienced Recruiters Should Always Be the Option

1aa0ca8To say it simply, experienced recruiters save you time and money. And we can prove it.

Dr. Andrew Chamberlain and Glassdoor Research released a study in 2015, looking at the reasons behind the “dramatic” lengthening of the hiring process in recent years. Key findings revealed that businesses are putting much more time and energy into employee screening, testing, and interviews.

Why this new zeal for in-depth employee screening?

Because employee turnover is expensive. It’s costly for a business to lose an employee, costly for them to conduct a thorough search and hiring process, costly to train a new employee, and costly, once again, to start the process over if that employee turns out to be a poor fit.

The Center for American Progress (CAP) estimates that the average cost of replacing an employee is equal to one fifth of that employee’s salary. But the cost to a business is not isolated to the salary of a single position; employee turnover hits businesses in other ways as well.

For one, when an employee quits or is terminated and must be replaced, management productivity is slowed. Instead of managing the business, managers are sidelined as they search for and screen applicants. Towers Watson’s 2008 Global Research Study found that one of the two elements of “particularly strong influence” in employee engagement (and therefore, business productivity), was “strong manager performance.” The study went on to describe this behavior: engaged, focused, organized, tapped-into what is happening in the company and with the employees under their care. Take out your managers, and the business suffers.

Thousands of dollars to replace an employee, the piling up of additional costs the longer the position remains vacant, and the detrimental effects on the entire organizational structure of a business, and suddenly, all the extra effort businesses are putting into the hiring process makes sense.

Or at least, it almost makes sense.

Businesses are right to care about hiring quality employees, but without a professional recruiter, it is difficult to say if the benefit of good hires is worth the upsetting and slowing of the organizational structure required to compensate for the extraneous effort.

Let’s talk about what an experienced recruiter can do for you.

A position is vacated in a business and needs to be filled immediately. The first step for most businesses would be to start advertising the position and screening applicants.  A great feat in communication is being attempted here; the business is attempting to communicate their needs in a way that attracts a suitable candidate, and the candidates are attempting to communicate their skillset in a way that attracts a suitable employer. Resumes are the typical vehicle for this communication, and while not wholly faulty, they certainly have their drawbacks.

Regina Hartley’s September 2015 TED Talk titled, “Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume,” illustrated the point well. Her example involved two qualified candidates, one with a perfect resume highlighting elite schools and relevant experience, and the other claiming a state-school education and varied work experience. She nicknames the two candidates “The Silver Spoon” and “The Scrapper,” respectively.

Hartley’s point is that a resume cannot tell the whole story, and it is difficult to discern which candidate would truly be the more valuable hire. She concludes by advising that companies hire more Scrappers, more candidates whose strengths are often undetected in a cursory resume scan.

The advice, trustworthy though it may be, is difficult to heed without a great deal of experience, discernment, and focused time and attention. It is unlikely to find a place in a typical hiring process, much less one that is in any need of expedition.

You need an experienced recruiter.

Not only would an experienced recruiter have the communication savvy to understand a business’s specific desires for a future hire, but she would know how to wade through the sea of applications available to her and, carefully and efficiently, find you a great fit.  The leg work is done and done well, and you are left with a shortlist of the best candidates available.  Instead of being stuck in the early stages of the hiring process, you can resume working with a full team of people who are dedicated to helping your business flourish.

An experienced recruiter is invaluable. The resume is not the only potential pitfall of the hiring process, and for businesses serious about finding and keeping excellent employees, contracting with an experienced recruiter is the best option.

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